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Vancouver, BC
Gabriel Pliska
March, 2015

I live in Kitsilano, Vancouver, where most people are very ecologically minded, and bicycles and scooters are a main mode of travel for many individuals. I started my own urban farming venture right in the heart of Kitsilano a couple of years ago. My business has now expanded, and despite my love of bike riding, I needed an eco-friendly way of travel and to help me handle all the hills. Importantly, to do this I wanted to keep with my vision of a "green" Kitsilano - to continue having a near-zero carbon footprint.

After some research I found Voltbike Metro Plus, which had many reviews online with positive feedback from most of the riders. The bike is fully electric and to recharge it I just have to plug my bike into a regular outlet. No special license required either. I am so hyped up for my new bike! Check it out!

I am planning to use my Voltbike to transport my farm veggies and salad greens to my customers and to the neighbourhood farmer's market. Eventually, I hope to connect a small bike trailer to the bike. I have already nicknamed my bike "Frisch."

If anybody is interested in my vegetable venture, please visit me online at

We plant a tree with every purchase

We plant a tree with every purchase

Burnaby, BC
April, 2014

I was looking for electric scooter for my commute around Metrotown area in Burnaby. I tried several department stores including Staples. Most of them sells GIO Italia and there is really no choice and variations.

I found VoltBike in local classified website. I felt in love with the design and quality finish of VoltBike Metro. The dual LED headlight is head turner. The grey matte version of VoltBike Metro is very trendy. I like the fact that it takes pennies worth of electricity to charge, instead of $3.50 for bus ticket in Vancouver.

Something which could be improved is the loud turn signals sound. It's really not necessary to be that strong.

Vancouver, BC
June, 2014

I live in Vancouver, BC and I work at Vancouver Aquarium. My usual daily commute is less than 10 km. and there is no point to use public transport for such short distance. Given the fact that most of the people use bicycles in downtown I wanted something which can bring me to work fast and without the sweat.

I love my white VoltBike Metro Plus and my white helmet. It's so comfortable to ride on the bike lanes at Stanley Park. The hydraulic disc brakes gives that racing look. Moist important I don't need bus pass anymore.

We plant a tree with every purchase