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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is VoltBike?

    Premium designer of electric half the price. We’re proud to build the world’s finest electric bikes – by and for people who love to ride. VoltBike is specifically designed and built for the North American market.
  • Where is VoltBike located?

    VoltBike do have 2 distribution centers in order to serve customers in both Canada and USA. Canada Voltbike distribution center is located in Burnaby, Canada and is huge and impressive 6000 sqft free standing warehouse facility. USA distribution center is located in Blaine, WA. Depending of where you are located we ship either from Canada or USA. There is no any extra duty or taxes no matter where you are located.
  • Do I need a special license or registration?

    The short answer is: no, you do not. According to federal laws, a bicycle with an electric motor capable of generating up to 500 watts of power (or 750 watts for USA) and able to propel a rider to a speed of up to 20 mph, equipped with fully functioning pedals, is considered to be a bicycle or a consumer good rather than a motor vehicle. Most provinces in Canada allow riders 14 or 16 and up to drive power assisted electric bikes. Over 18 years of age does not require any kind of license whatsoever. Please check your local regulations for further inquiries.
  • What is VoltBike maximum speed?

    Top speed for electric bicycles depends if you just going to use the throttle (power on demand) or you plan to pedal on the same time. If you just use the bike throttle, then in this case you will reach around 20km/h to 30km/h on flat surface depending of the bike model. If you start pedaling on the same time you can reach up to 50km/h. VoltBike electric scooters can reach a maximum speed of 32 km/h on flat surface. However when going uphill the max speed will drop depending on the degree of the hill.
  • Do you ship your bikes fully assembled?

    Your bike will arrive about 95% assembled. The only assembly you will need to undertake is to install the handlebars, screw on the pedals and you are good to go! The whole process should not take more than 10-20 minutes, and no special skills are required. Our electric bikes are also coming with basic tools which will help you to do all that.
  • How far can I travel on a single charge of the VoltBike battery?

    Depending on conditions, the Constant Driving Distance of the VoltBike Metro is around 60km and VoltBike Wind is around 40km.
  • How long will the VoltBike electric scooter battery last before I have to buy a new one?

    VoltBike is using premium batteries. The life cycle of an VltBike battery is up to 500 charges. After this time you may experience a decline in the performance of your VoltBike battery.
  • What is the warranty of an VolBike product?

    Voltbike electric bicycles are covered with 1 year warranty which covers all electrical components. VoltBike scooters are covered by a comprehensive Six-Month Limited Warranty, which provides coverage on parts for the first 180 days of ownership. Please refer to our Warranty section for more information.
  • Why there is pedals on VoltBike?

    Those determined to do so can pedal their e-scooters to assist the motor and increase range however the pedals are there primarily to satisfy legal requirements. The regulations allowing them to be operated without license or insurance require that pedals remain attached and functional while an electric bike is in operation.
  • Can VoltBike be modified for higher speed or torque?

    Any unauthorized modification of the scooter will void its warranty. Since they are already as fast and powerful as regulations allow, a “boosted” scooter will also be an illegal one. Such bikes can be impounded by law enforcement and riders charged with operating an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle.
  • My husband and I travel to California with our motor home for several months every year. Can I use VoltBike in the trailer campgrounds?

    Definitely, you may use VoltBike electric scooters in trailer campgrounds. As a matter of fact many trailer parks in California, Florida, Oregon and Arizona have banned the use of gas powered scooters as they are too noisy and produce too much smoke which is very disruptive to the residents. Electric bike scooters are a very popular form of transportation in Trailer campgrounds.
  • What makes VoltBike better than the rest?

    We firmly believe that we make the best electric scooters and bikes available. There are many small factors in the construction process that make a large difference in the finished product. VoltBike is build per our requirements to meet Canada safety standards. In addition every VoltBike is equipped with features which are extra for many other ebikes. VoltBike comes with LED front headlight, built-in Anti-Theft alarm and many others.
  • How much does it cost to charge VoltBike?

    In Vancouver, BC the cost per kWh varies on the time period. A good, round number that is close to the average is 8.91 cents per kWh. A rough average for an electric bike is 36 volts and about 10 Amp-Hours. To calculate the Kilowatt-hours (kWh) of your electric bike, simply multiply those two numbers together and divide by 1000. This means that it takes about 0.36 kW to charge an electric bike for one hour. In most cases, an electric bike will need to charge for about 4 to 5 hours, so let's say the total consumption for a complete charge cycle is: 5 x 0.36 = 1.8 kWh. So this means it will cost you $0.16 to charge your bike in Vancouver, BC.