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Attractive colors for Voltbike Metro Plus

You may think that color therapy might have no connection to scooters, but when talking of colors VoltBike Metro scooters really stands out.

Voltbike Metro is available in 4 attractive colors i.e. red, grey white and blue. Among them red is proving the best seller according to the sales figures of 2014. The grey is found to be most desired one between male youth riders because of its metallic matt finish.

Voltbike Metro Plus available colors

Vibrant Colors

The paint of Voltbike Metro Plus is high vibrant, and this makes the color toning look so impressive from far away. Only the grey Voltbike Metro is using matt finish and probably this makes it even more attractive to male riders.

Red color for scooters is always among the favorites. This colors is probably one of the evergreen colors for scooters together with blue. On the other hand white is said to spread a message of peace and calmness in any situation. Ladies prefer the white Voltbike Metro. However recent trend is more inclined towards matt finish colors, which looks very rough and attractive to the eyes.


Among all the colors that Voltbike Metro Plus has come up with, the clear favorite according to the sales figure is red, which is the trend setter for vehicle companies across the world. Yet the company youth icon according to male is a grey matt finish model. This color works very well with the light blue LED lights which compliments its beauty to a great extent.



Electric scooters all over the world are chosen because of its inner capabilities like motor power, battery capacity and maximum climbing ability. But many riders choose scooters also according to the outer beauty of the bike like color, design and overall look and feel.

Voltbike Metro Plus is an electric scooter, and at the time when governments are constantly trying to make awareness against the usage of gas, our electric bikes will definitely help people think alternatively.

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