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Premium designer of electric half the price

It all started in our garage with a mission. To bring North America premium electric bike at half the price compared to your local department store.

The result is VoltBike.


We’re proud to build the world’s finest electric bikes – by and for people who love to ride. VoltBike is specifically designed and built for the North American market.

Our Built for Canada, and built for the U.S.A. standard, spares no expense in bringing you, the consumer, the highest quality of specifically hand-chosen components, and a build, fit and finish that is second to none.


In the very beginning, like any startup company, the journey from prototype to product was long and complex. Our founder managed a global supply chain stretching from Vancouver, Canada to Ningbo, China. Being hands-on from beginning to end of our first production process was an invaluable opportunity to learn on the fly.

Voltbike in the wild

On a sunny day in the spring of 2013, our team watched – and cheered – as Voltbike’s very first bike were pedaled out the door by happy customers. Since that day we’ve shipped thousands more to Voltbike riders all over North America.

The Voltbike effect.

Today Voltbike is stretched over 8000 sqft free standing warehouse facility in Burnaby, BC, Canada and 2000 sqft shipping depot at Blaine, WA, USA. We ship non-stop, everyday all over USA and Canada.

Why pay more?

Why indeed? We have invested a huge amount of the time and efforts to our products line to ensure our customers receive the most reliable units at the lowest possible prices.

Save time, money, the planet and have fun.

Weave around town. Whizz off to work. Vroom to the beach. All our bikes are fun to ride and fully automatic, just twist and go.

To all of you, from all of us at - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

George Krastev
Founder of

Commitment to Quality


Quality starts in VoltBikes’s design process, is carried through manufacturing and is supported through its sales department.

We monitor closely our production facility to make sure it meets our commitment to quality. We constantly improve our bikes with each production cycle based. Customers feedback is valuable and we are always available to take suggestions..

When a rider orders a bike from they can to do so with confidence. In addition to quality, VoltBike backs every bikes shipped with a 12 months limited warranty.

A Better Bike

Balancing Performance, Range, Weight, Affordability & Availability

VoltBike focuses on balancing performance, range, weight, and affordability to build the best electric bike that are available for customers to ride today.

Assembled electric bike Voltbike Yukon